On April 1, 2011, the SPEC Board of Governors launched a new program called SPEC Ambassadors. For SPEC to reach every single pool service company, builder, subcontractor, manufacturer, distributor and supplier, it’s going to take many people in many different places. Because all companies in the swimming pool and spa industry come under the umbrella of SPEC, we have set a goal to have a SPEC Ambassador in every association chapter in the state of California which includes APSP, IPSSA and UPS. In past years, SPEC membership has been based on a company’s gross income and we would attempt to raise the dollar amount needed necessary for SPEC to operate. This year, SPEC developed a Strategic Plan which changed that philosophy. We need everyone in the industry to belong to SPEC! Why? Because elected officials respond to numbers…the more voters and companies we can represent, the more they will listen. We’ve reduced our dues so it’s affordable to every industry member. We need everyone! The SPEC Ambassador Program will help us promote, inform and have the means to protect the industry.


We’re keeping this program as simple as possible. An Ambassador must:
  • Be a member of SPEC.
  • Be appointed by their Association’s Chapter leadership.
  • Be willing to spend some time on getting information from conference calls and our website.
  • Be willing to promote and inform their Chapter members at every chapter meeting and function.
  • Fill out the appropriate application and be approved by SPEC.
An Ambassador will:
  • Attend SPEC Ambassador conference calls which will update them on current activity at the State’s Capital.
  • Present a “SPEC Report” at Chapter Meetings and Events whenever appropriate.
  • Actively promote SPEC membership and support of SPEC’s Annual Funding Campaign to every Chapter Member.
In recognition of their service, a SPEC Ambassador will receive a special SPEC name badge to wear at Chapter functions, a colorful wall certificate and listing of their name and company on a special Ambassador’s section of the SPEC’s website. For an individual to apply, download the application below.

Email it to us at ambassadors@calspec.org or fax it to us at (866) 898-4245. For more information contact us at ambassadors@calspec.org.



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